Control an Apple Keynote Slideshow From Another iOS Device

If you have an iOS device running a Keynote presentation, you can control your slideshow from another iOS device. In this example, we will control our iPad Keynote slideshow from an iPhone. The slide notes will also display on the iPhone, if you desire, which will allow you to be more mobile in the classroom during your presentation.

Download and Install the Proper Software

  1. If you don’t already own it, you’ll need to purchase Keynote for iPad from the App Store ($9.99) on your iPad.
  2. Make sure you have the Keynote Remote application installed on your iPhone. Download the iPhone version from the iTunes Store.

iPad Keynote Setup

  1. On both of your iOS devices (i.e., iPad and iPhone), choose Settings > Wi-Fi to verify that both of your iOS devices are on the same wireless network (e.g., Secure Mustang Wireless).

  2. wifi connection

  3. On your iPad, open the Keynote presentation you wish to control from your iPhone.

  4. Tap the Tools icon in the upper toolbar of Keynote.

    Keynote Tools Icon

  5. In the Tools menu, tap Advanced.

    Keynote Advanced Option

  6. In the Advanced menu, tap Remote.

    Keynote Remote Option

  7. In the Remote Settings menu, turn on Enable Remotes.

    Keynote Enable Remote On/Off

iPhone Remote Setup

  1. On the iPhone, open the Keynote Remote app.

    Keynote Remote on iPhone

  2. Click on Settings.

    Keynote Remote Settings on iPhone

  3. In the iPhone Keynote Remote Settings window, tap New Keynote Link.

    New Keynote Link Setting on iPhone

  4. Your iPhone will bring up a four-digit passcode. Remember this number.

    Keynote iPhone Passcode

Return to Your iPad

  1. On your iPad, return to the Remote Settings window and you should see the name of the iPhone there.  Tap on Link.

    Remote Settings Link on iPad

  2. On your iPad, enter the four-digit passcode that was displayed on the iPhone, and then tap Done.

    Keynote Passcode Entering

  3. Select the Play button on your iPad Keynote to put it in slideshow mode.

    Keynote Play Button

Return Once More to Your iPhone

  1. if you wish to see the iPad slideshow’s notes on your iPhone while you present, within the iPhone Remote app, go to Tools > Advanced > Presenter Notes and make sure it is turned to ON.
  2. Click Done on the iPhone to close the Settings.
  3. You can now control the Keynote slideshow that is on your iPad from your iPhone by tapping the Control Slideshow button on your iPhone.

    Keynote Remote Control Slideshow button on iPhone

  4. Your slideshow will appear on your iPhone. Swipe in either direction to move to the next or the previous slide. If you turned on Presenter Notes, it will look like this:

    Keynote Remote iPhone notes

  5. For more options, tap the Options button in the top left corner of the Remote app on your iPhone to select from the following options:

    First Slide: Takes your slideshow back to the first slide.

    End Show: Ends the slideshow and your iPad displays the Play Slideshow screen.

    Settings: Displays the Settings pane. (Note: If you choose Portrait mode, you will see the current slide on your iPhone along with any presenter notes you may have if the option to view Presenter Notes is enabled in Settings. If you choose Landscape mode, your iPhone will display the current and next slides. However, you CANNOT view presenter notes in Landscape mode.) 

    Cancel: Exits the Options area by returning the iPhone display back to the slideshow.

Using Keynote Remote with Bluetooth

When a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable, you can use Keynote Remote with Bluetooth to control your Keynote slideshow from your iPhone or other iOS device. However, slides may take longer to appear on Keynote Remote when connected via Bluetooth. You cannot use Keynote Remote via Bluetooth to control the presentation from a Mac. 
The following steps use Keynote Remote on an iPhone to control a Keynote presentation on an iPad via Bluetooth. 


Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth ON.


Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth ON and then open your Keynote presentation.


Open the Keynote Remote app. If you have previously paired your iPhone or iPad, you can immediately begin to control your slideshow from your iPhone by tapping Control Slideshow. If this is the first time pairing with these iOS devices, you’ll need to link them with a New Link as explained above.

Note: If your iPhone displays the message "No connection available. Both devices must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or have Bluetooth turned on," continue with the steps above because you may still be able to use Keynote Remote with Bluetooth.

Additional Information

You can also use AirPlay to play your presentation from Keynote on your iOS device to an Apple TV. For more information, see our tutorial on Using Airplay with Apple TV & Other Monitors.

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